The Law Firm “EJNP Law Firm” provides specialized legal services. The outstanding knowledge of legislation, case-law and complex financial instruments, the experience and constant updates with regards to current evolvements within the field of Law, represent the tools via which we provide reliable and effective solutions to our clients and associates, as the apparatus concerning constantly evolving Legislative, societal and market conditions.

A structural element as well as core characteristic of our company’s modus operandi is the personal contact and personalized involvement with our clients, be it individuals or legal entities, as well as always keeping abreast of scientific evolution.

Our Company’s operation is based on two pillars:

  • Firstly, the provision of legal consultation services
  • Secondly the administration of cases at a judicial level
  • The Legal sectors in which the Law Firm “EJNP Law Firm” specializes in indicatively include the following:

    Civil Law

    • Real Estate - Golden Visa
    • Civil Disputes (Family Law, Law of Obligations, Property Law, Inheritance Law)
    • Traffic Accidents
    • Labour Law
    • Leases

    Commercial Law

    • Commercial Contracts (Franchise contracts, Commercial Cooperation etc)
    • Establishment and legal representation of Commercial Companies
    • Trademarks and Industrial Property Rights
    • Intellectual Property
    • Commercial - Professional Leases

    Criminal Law

    • Financial - tax related offenses (Tax evasion, Smuggling, Money laundering)
    • Crimes related to property and ownership (fraud, blackmail, theft, embezzlement)
    • Honour - related crimes (defamation, reviling)
    • Special Criminal Legislation (Domestic violence, Drugs, Personal Data, Bad checks)
    • Criminal Law relating to the enforcement of decisions and sentences
    • Medical malpractice

    Administrative Law

    • Tax - related Disputes
    • Disputes involving the Greek Government - Claims
    • Civil Servant Code matters
    • Public Procurements
    • Energy Law
    • Mass Media Law


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