Commercial Law

Commercial Law is the branch of Law which regulates legal acts and transactions featuring the element of commerce. It relates to the existence of businesses, be it sole proprietorship businesses or companies/ legal entities and regulates their establishment, operation and evolution, via the broader environment of financial activity and the business world.

Many Commercial Law rules derive their power and content from many centuries past, since commercial transactions have always been in need of regulation ever since ancient times, and especially when referring to an international nature. Through the years, the regulations in question, whilst adjusting to modern times and modern demands, have been incorporated into Codes and legislations, which in turn were adopted by legal systems of Modern States.

The sectors of Commercial Law regulated within the Greek legal system are as follows:

I. Companies
Company Law (personal companies, capital-issuing companies), via legislations, establishes the rules of operation of legal entities within a broader framework of an international financial environment, whilst incorporating International and European Community rules within the Greek legal system. At the same time, it pertains to the host of business institutions, whether referring to a small company, a family-owned company or a multi-national corporation.

II. Intellectual Property Law
The drastic advancement of technology as well as the influence which it effects on all commercial transactions renders this specific sector of Commercial Law as the fastest-evolving sector internationally. The establishment of mark infringement rights, personal computer programs and intellectual property rights represents a mandatory prerequisite, today more than ever before, given the speed of information transmission via the internet. The protection of the Proprietor, in combination with the proper operation of the market represents the very subject of what is at stake concerning Commercial Law’s branch in question.

III. Contract Law
Commercial contracts co-exist throughout the entire spectrum of financial activity, while representing a prerequisite for the very existence and evolution of a business institution. The traditional commercial contracts of representation, distribution, ordering and provision constantly evolve, in order to respond to the challenges of our times, while new forms of commercial contracts are constantly being established ever more so within the international market, such as franchising and factoring, as a means of development and improved supervision of the institution of business.

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